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Ralamy Kneeshaw 

BFA, MA (Anthropology)

Ralamy loves putting costumes on people, co-creating with actors and directors, and digging into historic detail.


After working with improvisers at Loose Moose, Ralamy has developed an "organic costuming" approach focused on supporting character development by working closely with actors during the rehearsal process. Ralamy brings early experiences as an actor and life experience as a researcher/writer to her costume design. Ralamy's super power is shopping and she loves working on projects with huge heart. 

"Rebecca and I want to create the kind of resource that we yearn for ourselves...resonable rentals, a reference library, vintage examples, a pattern bank and most of all, opportunities to come together to learn and create."

Rebecca Toon 


A graduate of the University of Lethbridge, Rebecca is a professional costume designer, wig stylist and curly hair specialist. Beginning as a seamstress in early life, Rebecca has always had a passion for reworking and breathing new life into old pieces. She believes the life-cycle of costuming and fashion can be extended by reusing and refashioning, combining that with creating new costumes with her drafting and patterning skills. 


With the amazing costuming and maker community here in Calgary, Rebecca believes that collaborative design is the key to creating work that has been edited on many levels. 


"My heart will always be in theatre and I hope that this project will bring an inclusive space that inspires and ignites our costuming community."

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