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We have an incredibly large collection of costuming available for rental in our warehouse. We are available by appointment for you to come and browse in our costuming racks with our assistance. Here are some of our policies and procedures that are helpful to know before we make your costume pull.

  • Please provide us with a list of items that are needed with approximate sizes BEFORE you arrive for your appointment. Failure to do so will be subject to an hourly charge.
  • Payments must be made in cash, e-transfer or cheque. Established clients due Net 30 days, otherwise, payment is due upon receipt of invoice. All past due invoices will incur a 10% late fee. WE reserve the right to request an addition al deposit. All fees are subject to GST. 
  • Rental charges are based on a 4 week rental period. All rental items kept past 4 weeks will automatically be billed for a second rental fee at 10% of the original cost per week. 
  • Lost and or Damaged items will be subject to charges based on the unit replacement value, locate on your rental summary, plus applicable tax. 
  • Alterations are negotiable and must be done in a responsible manner. NO iron on tape, glue or similar product may be used in alterations as these may cause permanent damage to the garments. Any article that is altered must be restored to its original condition BEFORE cleaning or will be subject to a restoration fee of $40/hour.
  • Removing of TCC labels will be subject to a $5 per item charge. 
  • All wardrobe is to be returned, as it was rented, professionally dry-cleaned/laundered and on hangers, in garment bags and in a covered vehicle. The cleaning of leather and fur items must be discussed and negotiated. We expect costumes to be cleaned and maintained during your run. TCC crystal hangers and garment bags must be returned or there will be a charge for these items. 


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