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Movin' on up!

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

It's happening!!!

We are finally moving out of our home workspaces (the kitchen island, living room, hallway, husband's office) to our new space in SE Calgary! The Costume Collective is now minutes from downtown and a short walk from a fantastic coffee house, what more do we need? We have been very eager to get all moved in. I've totally had the theme song from The Jeffersons in my head ALL WEEK! This is a very exciting time for us and we are so very happy about our new adventure.

After a lot of searching, scrolling, emails and phone calls, we found a great building that meets all of our needs. We just took over the place this past weekend so we have been hard at work cleaning and painting to make it ready for our beautiful collection.

I had some serious issues with keeping myself paint free, as you can see, I am clearly out of practice. Good thing that we know some pretty amazing people who already came out to help. I'm 1000% sure that Ralamy and myself would be STILL be painting next week if it wasn't for Hugh, Aidan, Keith and Carmelle. What a wonderful house-warming... er... warehouse-warming gift that was. So much work! And I cannot believe what a difference the painted floor makes, its like a brand new space. So much easier to clean, and dang, it looks goooooood!

We wanted to lay out the racks to see what would be the best way to arrange our space, but just wait until you see our CUSTOM made racks that will be able to hold so many more pieces! Fully customizable and adjustable, its definitely a perk to have an architect on our team. ;-) We needed to make sure that we are using the space to the full potential, so we are going up, up, UP! These racks will be at a height of 11'4" and be able to hold FOUR rails of shirts and vests, or three rails of pants, OR two rails of evening gowns, OR nineteen Ewoks, a Chewbacca and a Jabba the Hutt!!! The possibilities are endless, thanks to Hugh and his big brain.

Make sure you subscribe and you can see what's next as we load in over the weekend!!! I'm also new to blogging so if I'm jumping around like a dog going after a squirrel, don't worry, I'll get better at this with more practice!

We have so many ideas for our Costume Collective, but want to hear from you on what YOU would like to see come out of this space. Let us know with a comment below how The Costume Collective can support our community. Because that's what this adventure is all about. Coming together and making magic.


End of our first day! Tired gals!

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