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We are a collaborative design and rental house located in Calgary, Alberta, providing rental services across Canada for the

Film, Television and Theatre Industry

"The Costume Collective is an amazing resource for costume designers for Film/TV, Theatre, Commercials, Museums and more. I utilize the Costume Costume frequently for an array of different types of projects from contemporary commercial work to pulls for period film and television. Recently, we rented several costumes for Ghostbusters: The Afterlife and will be working with Costume Collective on Netflix’s Black Summer, Season 2. Ralamy and Rebecca are so incredibly helpful at every step of the rental journey and they know their stock extremely well. The staff is really helpful and attentive when you go in to pull. The space is very organized and easy to navigate and I really appreciate this because I am always on a tight schedule - costumes are easy to find and the space is bright welcoming. I would highly recommend Costume Collective to any of my colleagues. We are so lucky to have this awesome resource in Calgary!"


Jayna Mansbridge

Costume Designer

"The Costume Collective has saved the day time and time again! I always have great luck at TCC when pulling obscure, quality, gorgeous and even really quirky pieces for both period and contemporary shows. The best part of pulling costumes at TCC is having Ralamy and Rebecca‘s (with their character-developing backgrounds and savvy eyes for style) expertise to make the quest a success. "

Jennifer Haffenden 

Costume Designer

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